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Why Ask Questions When You Can Just…Try It?

I’ve been noticing more and more that everyone has these barriers in their minds that prevent them from taking action on certain things.  Depending on who you are, you might have some “hidden” barriers that prevent you from exercising, eating well, organizing yourself, or even…being nice to people that you don’t like!

Some examples from my own life:

I found myself wondering if it was worth $40/month to try a new educational service that would help my business.  After weighing the options, I thought to myself, “Why not just TRY IT for a month?  Worse case scenario you learn SOMETHING and lose $40, best case scenario it’s a great resource that will pay good dividends for the business in the long run.”  When viewed in that light…it’s an easy decision.

Try it.

If you’re thinking about purchasing something that is relatively inexpensive to you and could positively affect your life…just buy it.

If you’re thinking about doing something that could be really fun, rewarding, or help you grow as a person…just try it.

Don’t let the decision use up precious mental cycles.  You only have so many of those per day…why not spend them on higher value activities, like your job, your business, your friends, or your family?