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A Few Ways I Speed Up My Computer Workflow

Everyone homebrews their own workflow and it’s always changing.  This is good…none of us are alike and we all do slightly different things on a daily basis, so the types of programs, methods, and extensions that we use should fit us and us alone.

That said, here’s what I’m currently rolling with:

  • Breevy – Amazing text expander for Windows.  Works wonderfully for sending templated emails with some personalization.
  • ShareX – Screenshotting on steroids.
  • Trello – Use for all task and team-based activities, including management of almost all company activities.
  • LinkClump – Super-fast URL copying and opening.
  • – Habit tracking, making sure I don’t fall off the wagon.
  • Strict Workflow – The Pomodoro technique + blocking of time-wasting websites rolled into one Chrome Extension.
  • Google Calendar – Self explanatory.