Wall Art for Men

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Wall Art For Men

Sometime between graduating college and getting my first place I looked at my walls and realized that I had a lot of old, outdated, and cheesy posters making up the bulk of the decor in my room. While I still like Hendrix and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I didn’t need them plastered on my wall anymore. I wanted something more unique that spoke to my personality more than a couple posters of famous rockers (however badass their music might be).

Have a Friend Who’s An Artist? Commission a Piece From Them

It sounds fancy to have a piece of art ‘commissioned,’ but all you’re doing is just asking a buddy to create something badass for you. If you don’t have any artist friends, chances are good you know someone who’s into photography. Grab a photo of theirs and get it printed, then build a cheap frame to house the print and you’re all set.

A Few Awesome Wall Art Shops

  • Dna 11 - For the science geeks – get your DNA sequenced and put on canvas.
  • Etsy - Just search for “wall art.”
  • Great Big Canvas – Endless styles here, you can browse forever.
  • I Must Be Dead – If you prefer a darker twist to your wall art, these are the guys for you.
  • Lithographs - This company takes classic books and reprints the entire book on t shirts, wall art, and other stuff. Pretty neat.
  • Moviebarcode - These guys take a movie and turn it into a barcode. Confused? Check it out, it’s cooler than it seems.
  • My White Walls – Goes way beyond prints. They do 3D wood art, blown glass art, etc.
  • OMG Posters! – Actually a blog about posters links out to places you can buy them.
  • Red Bubble – Prints from independent artists. Unique style.
  • Society 6 – Some really awesome designs from independent artists in a variety of price ranges.
  • Super Trooper Studio – Colorful, cartoonish designs.
  • Thumbtack Press – Comic book-esque and cartoonish designs mixed with an indie flair.
  • PrintsOnWood – Exactly what the name implies. Any photo you want – even your Instagram photos – printed on wood

Want to Go the DIY Route?

If you’re not down with the premade art and want to make something yourself, there are tons of sites online you can scour for cool images to turn into wall art. Here’s just a short list:


  • Short Run Posters – These guys will print whatever photo you want at whatever size you want it.
  • Blockposters - Same as above.
  • Rasterbator - If you’ve never heard of the Rasterbator, click on through. You can make gigantic wall art. I’m talking the entire wall. Definitely worth considering.

You’ve Got Your Art. Now What?