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Task-Crusher Days

At the end of a month, there’s usually a lot of random  nonsense that has built up.  I’m testing out a strategy for dealing with that by dedicating the least-important day in the last week of the month to task crushing.

Here’s what I do.

Write down every task

This is similar to the GTD method of dumping everything from your brain.  I write down the main categories that tasks sit in, and then I sit down for 10 minutes and scribble down everything I can think of, no matter how trivial.

“Host webinar” goes down on the list right with “Get a vitamin holder”.  I keep going until I can’t think of anything.

Rank them

I use a simple dot system to rank the categories, then I go into the tasks themselves.  One dot is most important, two is middle, and three is least.

Once I’ve done this for categories and the tasks underneath them, I then move on to phase three.

Crush them

Start with the most important category, and the most important task(s) in that category.  START CRUSHING.  This entire day is a race and a game.  By gamifying the day, you get to crush out a bunch of random (and usually boring) tasks and feel like a boss due to your output.  Sure, they might be low value tasks in isolation, but by crushing 30 in a day you’ll be doing a few cool things:

  1. Eliminating mental friction – It’s a lot easier to focus when you’re not constantly reminded of random things you forgot to do, or have to do soon.
  2. Eliminating real-world friction – It’s a lot easier to focus completely through on a task if you’re not stopped by little things that are holding your progress up by 10m-1hour each.
Update: Crushed 20 tasks today, not bad for a late start 😉