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How to Use Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder 2.0

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The addition of Tailwind for Instagram has been a massive time-saver for me, and as I explore it more, I’m starting to actually rely on it instead of Instagram’s direct publishing (at least for photos).

For a while, I wasn’t using hashtags much, because it was annoying and inconvenient to copy/paste lists of hashtags from notes, surface new hashtags, and check on how they were performing.

The Hashtag List feature they’ve got, which is similar to their Board List feature for Pinterest, already saves quite a bit of time. But it also means you’ll be using a specific set of hashtags over and over, which may or may not be the best growth strategy.

There seem to be an endless amount of good to great hashtags to use, which is where the Hashtag Finder 2.0 comes into play. As a plant person on Instagram, it’s a feature that helps me surface some of the hashtags in micro-movements that I may not have otherwise found.

Once you start writing a description, Tailwind immediately begins parsing your text and surfacing hashtags that might fit. Not all of them do, of course, so you can easily delete the ones that don’t quite fit, or have multiple meanings and wouldn’t be a contextually relevant tag for your content.

As I’ve gotten more into houseplants and ornamentals, finding relevant hashtags for what seems to be a completely different world has been a challenge. It’s been invaluable to have them surfaced automatically for me.

Here’s a quick video on how it works in real-time, as well as some musings on the best strategy I’ve found for stacking hashtags and “surfing” up the top 9 grids.