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A Couple of Tech Hacks for Getting The Day Started Right

I don’t think I’m alone in having a tough time getting a quality start to the day.  It might be easier for those with 9-5 jobs, but for those of us who work primarily from home or have the luxury of setting our own schedule it can be tough to find that morning routine.

I’ve found it especially tough and have only recently had success with a routine that works for me.  Since most of my work is on the computer, it’s no surprise that I’ve found a tech solution for my problems.

I use Boomerang to schedule an email to myself my morning routine so my fuzzy sleep-addled brain doesn’t completely forget that I had one.  I noticed that without some sort of morning reminder I completely failed at sticking to a routine.  I also switch up the headlines from some inspirational stuff like “YOU ARE A BOSS” to the direct approach – “WAKE UP AND DO THIS NOW”

If you’re wondering what the routine looks like, here it is.  It changes a bit every day but the core elements are the same:

  1. Make bed (thanks Neville)
  2. Immediately into shower, turn on some awesome music
  3. While in shower, think about the 2-3 things that absolutely have to get done today
  4. Dry off, get dressed, downstairs for breakfast
  5. Upstairs, review list I wrote the night before, dominate the day