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Holding Incorrect Beliefs on Purpose

When we’re stuck in a certain pattern or “level” of competency in anything in our lives, we’re simultaneously stuck with the belief system that got us there.  If we’re in average shape, chances are we hold beliefs that have led to action (or a lack of action) that got us to our current state.

Sometimes, to break through to that next level, we have to adopt beliefs that are probably not the best for our long term well-being, but help get us out of our current rut.

In fitness, we may have to adopt the belief that we must track everything down to the tenth of the calorie in diet and exercise in order to get to a higher level of fitness.  Some people are OK doing this their whole lives – but most are not.  Unless fitness is your life’s mission, it’s probably not the best use of time to do this (unless something comes out that makes this tracking effortless).

However, for some period of time, it’s best to adopt that “extreme” belief and set of actions in order to force ourselves out of our current state.

Kind of like slamming the gas in order to make it through a red light.

On the surface it seems like a pretty bad idea.  But what if you’re rushing to see someone in the hospital?  What if you’re driving yourself to the hospital?  There are a lot of situations where running the red is the better choice for your life.

If we can get ourselves to consider “not living up to our potential” to be an outcome as bad as “not getting to the hospital in time”, then it makes sense to look for ways to run a red light in order to get ourselves to another level.  Not cheating, nothing immoral, but doing things that seem weird or wrong, or even potentially unhealthy in the long term.