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Shave Money Shaving

Dollar Shave Club’s slogan is “Shave Time. Shave Money.” I’m not quite sure they live up to either end of that promise after doing just a tiny bit of research on shaving myself.

In an effort to save some cash, reduce my impact on the environment, and reconnect to a part of grooming that just feels good, I looked into shaving the old fashioned way - with a safety razor.

Shockingly, you don't need a Gillette Mach Turbo 20 Blade Fusion Generator Extreme V2 to have a great shave.  In fact, I've found I don't even want​ all the 'shave tech' that promises a closer shave.  I just want a simple setup that lasts a lifetime and saves me some cash.

Here's what I picked up:​




Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor



Blade Variety Pack



Badger Brush


>1 year

Cremo Cream Shave Cream 3 pack


1 year

Thayer’s Witch Hazel (optional)


4 months

Total: $68.23 in upfront costs, not including the witch hazel which  you don't NEED.

Then consider that your safety razor and brush will last quite a while if you take care of them, so delete $36 from your recurring yearly expenses.  That leaves you spending money on blades, shave cream, and any other after shave products you want.  Add it all up and you're looking at about $30-50 a year in shaving costs after the first year.

Compare that with the most commonly picked shave plan that Dollar Shave Club has at $6/mo, or $78/year.  That gets you a razor and 4 cartridges a month, all of which are plastic and metal and are chucked into the trash every week. 

With our setup, the only real waste we produce is a little bit of paper and metal, both of which can actually be recycled.

You win on all fronts - cost, sustainability, and for me, actually enjoying the process of shaving.